Why You Should Add a Virtual Runner Option to Your Event Today!

 If you’re looking to increase participation and revenue (who isn’t?!), then you should consider adding a virtual component to your event!  We’ll take a look at what a Virtual Race is and then look at some stats that we dug up from years of history at RaceWire that support adding one to your current or future events.

So, What’s a Virtual Race?

Virtual Races are not new, but they are gaining steam.  Adding a Virtual Race enables race directors to reach runners and walkers outside of their geographic region.  Participants can start when they want, where they want and if they complete the distance, then it’s legit!  Some race directors even mail out shirts, medals and finishers certificates!  In an increasingly busy world Virtual Races offer maximum flexibility and convenience to a runner or walker who wants to support your cause but can’t make it to the starting line on a Sunday morning.

Virtual Races by the Numbers

Let’s look at some stats.  The average event on RaceWire that included a Virtual Race option generated $800 just from virtual runners! This nearly covers the cost of chip timing! Or, this means more money going to your charity.  Everyone wins!  One of our Virtual Races even generated $28,000 in revenue!  Yeah, they knocked it out of the park!  Based on our data your event WILL see increased revenue and participation, so why not try it?

Adding a Virtual Race in RaceWire

Adding a Virtual Race to your event on RaceWire is super easy. While editing your subevents, there’s an easy click icon to add a Virtual Race. That’s it! Just one click!

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